Tilleard Projects is the continuation of Cuevas Tilleard. It is an artist residency, an exhibition program, a way to realize curatorial dreams.

We want to champion young emerging artists beyond the traditional gallery model.

Artist Residency

Lamu, Kenya - in 2017 we began hosting artists on the UNESCO World Heritage listed island of Lamu, off the Kenyan coast.

The tropical island is the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa, continuously inhabited for over 700 years. It’s architecture and culture reflects the shifting sea trade patterns on the East African coast. Throughout its history, Bantu, Arab, Persian, Indian, Chinese and European traders visited the island, all leaving their mark.

Program - we host 3 residency programs each year, in April, August, and November. Each program can accommodate 3-4 artists.

Rather than charging for the program, Tilleard Projects takes artwork in-lieu. Oftentimes the selection is made from existing work - leaving the time on the residency free from the pressures of 'producing.'

Application - interested artists are invited to apply through our website.


Cuevas Tilleard Archive - Tilleard Projects will be building upon the exhibition history established under Cuevas Tilleard.

The archive can be accessed here.


Caroline Tilleard - has both a Masters of Architecture and of Art History. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Caroline lived in New York for seven years. She worked at MoMA, Kim Heirston Art Advisory, and  Skarstedt Gallery.

In 2016 Caroline began working fulltime on Cuevas Tilleard - later Tilleard Projects.

She now lives in Nairobi Kenya.

Tilleard Projects - was founded in 2018 as the continuation of Cuevas Tilleard.

Cuevas Tilleard was the shared dream of Anna Maria Cuevas and Caroline Tilleard. With backgrounds in museum, blue-chip advisory and contemporary secondary market galleries we started our own thing so we could focus on artists we could actually talk to. 

Founded in 2014, our project covered exhibition pop-ups, participation in art fairs, curatorial projects, a gallery in Chinatown, and a storefront window on Grand Street. 

In 2018 Anna Maria left Cuevas Tilleard to focus on her role at Petzel Gallery. 

Caroline continued the program as Tilleard Projects.


Email - info (at) tilleardprojects.com

Instagram - @tilleardprojects