Artist Residency


TILLEARD PROJECTS is proud to offer an Artist Residency program in Lamu Island, Kenya.  The month-long residencies take place in March/April, August, and November. Each intake can accommodate 3-4 artists. The aim is provide space for artists to live, think, and work. 

About the Program

Lamu has inspired artists and writers for centuries. Tilleard Projects wants to provide space for artists to become immersed in a new landscape, and a new culture.  It is a way to break routine and open artists to new influences.

Each program runs for 4 weeks. It allows time to explore, refresh, think, and create.

Participating artists travel to Nairobi and onwards to Lamu. They live and work in a Swahili home by the sea.

Rather than charging for the program, Tilleard Projects takes a pre-determined percentage of artworks made before, during, or in the six-months after the residency.  The selection of work to be exhibited will be decided in collaboration between Tilleard Projects and the artist. For represented artists, specific details can be discussed to respectfully accommodate gallery relationships.

About Lamu

Lamu Island is located off the coast of Kenya, two degrees south of the Equator. Lamu Town, believed to be established in 1370, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 as the best preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa. The Indian Ocean trade winds brought Omani, Chinese, Indian, and Arabic traders to the Swahili Coast. This left the Lamu Archipelago steeped in a diverse history and influence.  The town and island are characterized by labyrinthine streets, ancient whitewashed Islamic-style homes open to sea breezes, the call to pray from many mosques, an Omani fortress, and miles of beach. Donkeys and dhow's are used for transport - there are no cars.

The island has inspired artists and writers for centuries. It provides a new landscape, a new culture, a way to break routine and allow in some new influences.

Participation by Invitation